Somebody to O-lein On



English teacher Amy Olein is the newest addition to the Pinewood faculty, and the journalism staff could not be more excited to have her as their new advisor.

The Panther Prints waved goodbye to former journalism advisor Kim Wetzel earlier this year but not without finding an overly qualified replacement. In the corporate world, Olein took over the newsletter for Alta Vista. When she started teaching 16 years ago at Saint Lawrence Academy in Santa Clara, she began to focus more on yearbook journalism. Her former experience has given her a great start in her new career at Pinewood.

“I love Pinewood. It’s a great school. There are so many positive attributes to this school that I can literally just keep talking and listing them out: the high level of academics, just how nice everyone is, the friendly atmosphere, the camaraderie among students and classes and teachers… I feel like it’s a really positive place,” Olein said.

Olein studied communication at Santa Clara University, and she received her masters at Notre Dame de Namur University Graduate School. While at Santa Clara, Olein worked on the layout and design of the opinion section of the school newspaper.

“I spent a lot of late night hours in the basement of the Santa Clara cafeteria, where they’re located,” Olein said. “It was a very good experience.”

Olein is currently teaching seventh- and tenth-grade literature in addition to high school journalism Students love having Olein as their teacher. Seventh-grader Though it’s just her first year, all of the students in her literature say that Olein has made their experienceat the school more meaningful.

She has enjoyed bonding and working together with the other writers and editors. Junior Kassy Davis is a photographer for journalism. She thinks that Olein is a fantastic addition to the journalism team, and she is excited to continue to work with her throughout the school year.

“I think she has brought a lot of new ideas and creativity and organization,” Davis said.

Olein is excited to follow in previous journalism advisor Kim Wetzel’s footprints.

“I want to continue the legacy she left behind, while at the same time, you know, I’m obviously a different person. I bring different personality and ideas and experience. I’m a big advocate of student leadership and so even though I’m the advisor, I see myself in the background and pushing my editors to really be the foreground,” she said