Ski week is when students and teachers can take a break from school and relax. Some families leave town while others stay at home. February break is meant for people to take a mental health week by hanging out with friends or family.

During break our minds go blank, and the only thing we focus on is how much sleep we will get and what fun activities we will do the next day.

Skiing is a sport that can be easily picked up. Most start young and ski every year, but others start later in life.

“I’ve been skiing since I was fve years old,” senior Caleigh Page said.

“My favorite part of skiing is going out in the morning, when no one is there, and you just fly down the mountain,” Page continued.

On the mountain, there are ski runs for beginners to experts ranging from green (the easiest run) to double black diamond (the hardest run). There are ski resorts that are better for beginners because of the runs they offer.

“I took my sons to Diamond Peak Resort in Tahoe because it was their first time on skis,” English teacher Amy Olein said.

Many students from Pinewood went to Tahoe and Utah to ski for February break. This year was especially popular as the snow hit record level in Tahoe. The Boreal Resort in Lake Tahoe had the most snow, with a base of 259 inches. During ski week, Utah recieved more than 30 inches of snow in six days at Snowbird and Alta, both of which are popular ski resorts.

Skiing is an extremely popular sport, particularly among people in the Silicon Valley. What many love about skiing is the feeling of freedom one can experience on the mountain. The combination of the beauty of the outdoors as well as participation in a well-loved sport allows a break from the real world to carve the mountain on their skies. So get out there on the mountain and shred!