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Snooping into Snoopy (a sneak peek)



   Does the name Snoopy ring a bell?
America’s favorite beagle brings to mind the iconic scene of Snoopy lying on top
of his doghouse, or perhaps fighting the Red Baron yet again. The beloved Peanuts comic strip will be brought to life in this year’s fall play, “Snoopy! the Musical.”  With a talented set of students taking on Charles Schulz’s cast of
beloved characters, it will be a memorable show not to be missed.

   Of course, it would not be a Peanuts show without Snoopy himself. Snoopy will be played by senior Carson Robinette, long time theatre veteran of Pinewood. “Snoopy! the Musical” is a sequel to “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” put on four years ago. Coincidentally, Robinette starred as Snoopy then as well.

   Performing arts department chair Spencer
Williams gave his thoughts on choosing the
fall play.

   “I wanted to kind of reprise [the seniors’] roles in a new show…I thought it would be a great opportunity to get some new performers in the mix as well,” Williams said.

   Robinette divulged what the audience should look forward to.

   “It’s just a cute series of vignettes [and]
uppity songs. It’s very family oriented,”
Robinette said.

   Playing Snoopy’s adorable sidekick Woodstock is freshman Anne Blotter. She said she is looking forward to improving her acting skills, for she does not speak in the play, and is thrilled to perform a short tap dance number in the musical.

   A small change from the original show is the addition of characters. Added to the mix areViolet, Frieda, and Marcy. All three are part of Schulz’s brilliant comics.

   The show will comprise of many little
humorous scenes, similar to the format of the Peanuts comic strip. The performers are
hoping to attract families of the lower and
middle campuses. The production is all-around a charming, simple, and family-friendly performance. The amusing little tidbits of scenes will be sure to bring a smile to all faces.