In Depth

Showcasing Our Abilities

By Allyson Levy


 A freshman rapping and a principal on a guitar – who wouldn’t want to see that? On Friday, October 18, Pinewood held its annual student showcase, exhibiting the students’ special skills. From guitar playing to fire-dancing, the show displayed a wide variety of talents specific to Pinewood. The showcase is an important event to Upper Campus; it helps us reflect on and celebrate our differences.

   One student performing in the showcase was freshman Teau Tongi. He rapped and then asked someone to homecoming. Tongi also taught the football team the Haka, which they performed for the talent show as well. 

   “I learned how to do the dance in Hawaii when I was 10 years old,” Tongi said. 

   Not only did he share his talent, but he also shared a part of another culture that students at Pinewood may not be familiar with. 

   When asked why the student showcase is important, principal Gabriel Lemmon, another participant in the showcase, answered with a story. 

   “My first year [at Pinewood], Adam Fallick was a seventh grader. And at the end of the show, he sang a song. I think it’s the perfect epitome of Pinewood,” said Lemmon.

   Lemmon recounted the story of how a senior started a standing ovation after a small seventh grader’s performance. 

   “My father in-law happened to be at the performance and he was in tears about how wonderful the community was in supporting this little kid,” exclaimed Lemmon. 

   Lemmon stated that this example of bonding between seniors to seventh graders is why the showcase is so special. The support given by everyone throughout the school is exemplified through the show, no matter who is performing.