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   We read a lot about celebrities and politicians in the news. But it’s also important to consider the unsung heroes — those
who work in the background to benefit the community, valuing people over recognition. At Pinewood, parents fill these roles. They organize events, take pictures, and make decisions that impact the
student body.

   Surprisingly, many parents want to help the community. Over the summer, a group of parents volunteered to design the high school lunch area. Parents take pictures at Pinewood games and events. And every year, parents run large parts of the auction and the jamboree. Without their efforts, a lot of Pinewood’s extracurricular activities simply would not be possible.

   Sheila Banning gives back to the Pinewood community in a host of ways. In addition to raising junior Alex Banning and freshman Max Banning, she works at the Jamboree, chairs the auction, and coordinates other large-scale events. Despite the large time commitment, she enjoys contributing to the community.

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   “It has to be fun for the people putting it on, it has to be fun for the people attending, because to me, it’s a party,”
Banning said.

   Banning decided to step down as auction chair in 2017, since she wants others to have the same opportunity she did. However, she encourages other parents to chair or help out in other ways.

   Karen Bailey is another active member of the Pinewood community. The mother of sophomore Jaeden Bailey and seventh-grader Keaton Bailey, she travels to countless Pinewood sports games to take pictures for the Pinewood website. Parents and athletes alike enjoy the
pictures she takes, since people can’t always go to games. While she has never pursued photography professionally, Bailey likes watching Pinewood athletics and knows that she can help people by
taking pictures.

   “I really appreciate Pinewood. I want to see the contribution that I can make,” Bailey said.

   Bailey also helps out every year at the Jamboree in any way she can.

   So where does real change at Pinewood come from? Parents make things
happen around here. They make all the big events happen, and have engendered a community centered around altruism. Pinewood wouldn’t be the same
without them.