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   You logger headed fly-bitten giglet! Insults such as this transported us back to the Elizabethan Era on Bard Day, or Shakespeare’s 452nd birthday. Shakespeare has written 37 plays and 154 sonnets, and contributed over 1,700 words to the English language.

   Everyday words such as “eyeball,” “assassination,” “gossip,” and “gust” were first seen in his plays.

   “[I enjoyed] hearing Shakespeare’s language being spoken aloud,” quoth Literature teacher David Wells.

   Not only did Shakespeare invent many of our words and phrases, but he created many vibrant and diverse characters in his plays that always stick  with the reader.

   “I love the nurse from Romeo and Juliet – she’s the comic relief, and I think that would be a great role to play as a Shakespearean actor.

   And I think it would be a good role for me,” quoth Doug Eivers.These mesmerizing characters came to life on the Pinewood terrace on Bard Day, when students performed skits, rapped in Shakespearean language, and recited sonnets.

   Those who didn’t participate in the performances got involved by dressing up in Elizabethan garb, or by buying and sending insults, compliments, and everything in between from the booth set up in the hallways.

   There were a few additions to Bard Day this year, such as the scavenger hunt, and best of all – cake. The cake, which had a picture of Shakespeare on it, had the words “Happy birthday Shakespeare” written in icing, and chocolate and vanilla lovers alike were satisfied.

   Although the hunt for Shakespeare’s skull was supposed to have lasted all day, the skull had been hidden and found twice by the time prizes were handed out at lunch.

   “The cake was good, and the scavenger hunt was cool too, but it was done before I even started it,” said sophomore Franzi Wendker.

   Bard Day was a fun-filled day with lots of activities and great performances, but English department chair Sabrina Strand encourages more people to get involved next year.

   “[The raps] were really good, but unfortunately, a lot of kids didn’t get involved…the scavenger hunt was really fun to put together, so next year  I’m going to make it so that more people [can participate],” Strand said.