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     When loud shouts of the word “GOOOAAAL” are constantly resonating across the campus, we all know that the FIFA competition is taking place. All classes submitted teams of three boys and three girls

   During lunch, these teams have been playing 15 minute games against one another. The Associated Student Body created a bracket that decides which teams played.   

   Soccer is a popular sport at Pinewood, as indicated by the plethora of teams that entered to compete in the FIFA tournament.

   “Usually it’s hard to find people to participate [in lunchtime activities], but for FIFA, a ton of people wanted to participate,” freshman activities officer Jena Scott said.

    The eighth grade team made it to the semi-final game after beating the sophomore team in a shootout. Next, they faced the freshmen, who lost to the juniors in their first game. The other semi-final will be between the juniors and seniors on Thursday
at lunch.

  “It was pretty awesome because they’re sophomores and we proved we’re better at soccer,” eighth grader Max Banning said.