The years of high school have been a great experience for this year’s seniors, but with those experiences came lots of stress and finding out who they wanted to become.
Seniors wish they had committed to more activities, attended more school dances, and built more relationships over the years.
In high school, friends are always there for you and can be a major impact on your life.
“Friends are the most important part of high school; they are the ones you will die with through AP classes, go to prom with, and make regrettable decisions with. They make high school great, so value your friends,” senior Helena Merk said.
Most seniors also said that since high school goes by incredibly quick, never be afraid to be the real you. As the seniors leave, new classes come in, so the school vibe is always changing.
One thing that stays the same is the spirit, love, and passion each student has at Pinewood. From going out to the sports games to cheering for your friends to going to dances together, the Pinewood community will always be welcoming to everyone.
Although many seniors are very sad to be leaving Pinewood, there is no doubt that they will accomplish amazing things in college.
When asked what they are most excited about, many seniors said exploring the rest of the world that they haven’t seen before.
“I’m excited for an opportunity to learn more. There’s a point where there’s not much left that you can learn in one place,” senior Matthew Marsland said.