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   Let’s see what I have written on my planner:

      1. Do the BC Calc homework and study for the daily quiz.    

     2. Work on the AP Gov research paper, finish the AP Gov       


     3. Prepare for a lit in-class essay, read Hamlet.

     4. Finish the AP Physics lab, finish the physics project.

      5. Study for a AP Bio test, and start on Chapter 24 Reading     

     Guide Questions.

     6. On top of that, finish writing and editing my Common

     Application essay and perfect the supplements for the co

    lege I’m applying to with Early Action.

     7. Also, prepare for the SAT 2 Bio Subject Test in two


   And let’s not forget, I’m currently writing this journalism article 1 day late.

   Things are going great!

  I knew taking five AP classes wouldn’t be a breeze, but school homework and college apps is just overwhelming.

   To be honest, teachers actually don’t give that much homework for each class; homework probably takes about 45 minutes to an hour per class.

   But with extracurriculars like basketball, student council, work, and you know, hanging out with friends, I get about four to five hours of sleep every night.

   Sleep deprivation makes the stress worse. But you can’t possibly take a day off to catch up on sleep because missing school just means taking the quiz or in-class essay at a later date. It’s a vicious cycle.

   A lot of teachers are understanding in that on the first day of school, they all said something along the lines of, “If it’s 10pm and you still haven’t started the homework for this class, you should just go to sleep.”

   Thanks, but that’s not really how it works. Maybe I’ll get a couple extra hours of sleep that night, but the homework load just keeps getting bigger the longer I put it off.

   So realistically, I’m just shaving off two hours of sleep from the next day. That doesn’t solve my problem.

   Only two teachers I’ve had have successfully addressed this issue. One of them, whom I had junior year, allowed students to take a nap during class when they really needed it. Nobody abused this privilege, surprisingly; I, myself, only used it once.

   But the comfort of knowing that if I needed to, I could take a break during class, was a pretty big stress reliever.

   Another teacher who I have this year has a “3 day grace period” system where you can turn in homework for full credit for up to three days late.

   So far, I’ve turned in my homework on time, but again, the comfort of knowing that I can get an extension takes some of the weight off.

   This has also affected the time I get to school. Up until last year, I wanted to get to school early (7:40ish) to see my friends and chill.

   Now, I consider myself early when I get to school at 7:55. I’ve already gotten several blue tardy slips. Sorry I tried to get 10 extra minutes of sleep in the morning.

   I know it’s not the AP teachers’ fault they have to cover so much material throughout the year, and I know it’s not their fault we have so many other things going on in our lives.

   But if they could be a little easier on the homework and the quizzes and tests over the next couple months, I promise I’ll make an effort to show up to class next semester when senioritis kicks in!