Arts and Culture

Senior Snapshot

By Samantha Cue


Pinewood offers art electives that allow students to be creative and pursue their passions. Through these classes, many seniors have found inspiration to continue their art.

Senior Cami Haber will attend Maryland Institute College of Art in the fall. Her love of art began with oil painting in elementary school. At Pinewood, she got into iPad art, hand lettering, and calligraphy. Having taken every Pinewood art class, she loves graphic design the most.

“[Graphic design is] what I am planning on majoring in. I really like the freedom you have in that class. It’s an upper level art class, so [art teacher Jared Leake] gives you projects but you can adapt them to whatever you want to create. I feel like I can use my creative skills most in that class,” Haber said.

Haber’s still debating exactly how she wants to incorporate art into her future career, but she plans to use her graphic design skills in marketing.

Senior Elizabeth Peters is planning to attend Rochester Institute of Technology to study new media design and to work on art and product designs for video games. Like Haber, Peters was inspired by classes at Pinewood.

“AP 2D Design was really great for me because I got to practice a lot of my design skills and get more focus since it was for class,” Peters said.

Senior Ela Diffenbaugh has also been active in the arts at Pinewood, participating in the a cappella group Take Note. She now sings with the Cantabile as part of the Youth Singers of Silicon Valley.

“My grandfather played about every string instrument you could think of, so he would always be playing around us when we were younger. We would dance and sing along,” Diffenbaugh said.

Inspired by her grandfather, Diffenbaugh started singing and joined the Cantabile choir in 8th grade.

Ela was also inspired by music teacher Katie Linza’s music theory class. Linza’s style of teaching music theory and passion for music helped develop Diffenbaugh’s love for music.

“[In college], I hope to sing in a cappella because I really enjoy the community that music creates,” said Diffenbaugh.