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Senior IDentity Crisis



   Earlier this year, the administration confiscated some student IDs during picture day due to perceived inappropriate attire. Senior students’ ID cards were both held by the photographers and checked by the administration before being distributed.

   This year’s seniors attempted to follow the time-honored tradition of taking a goofy senior photo. The majority of the senior class decided to dress in turtleneck sweaters, with a few students adding accessories like lipstick, fake glasses, and tiaras.

   “It was really great to see the seniors come together and have some good, clean, turtleneck fun,” senior Katrina Hough said.

   The administration, however, didn’t find the joke very funny. Principal Mark Gardner said he was concerned about
identity issues.

   “If anything were to happen to a student, and the police came to school, that’s the picture they would see,” Gardner said.

   Since photos are seen by administrators on a daily basis, Gardner hoped that students would allow their photos to represent their “everyday self.”

   “In today’s world, you can take a thousand pictures of yourself looking silly; why is it that seniors want to look silly on the picture that I’m going to
see?” Gardner said.

   To curb the seniors’ outlandish outfits, the administration told the photographers to hold on to the senior ID cards until they could review the photos and see if they needed to be retaken. The administration also was not aware that the seniors did not know that silly photos were not allowed.

   “Once I realized that they didn’t hear [the rules], I couldn’t hold that against them, so I gave them back all their IDs,”
Gardner said.

   In addition to confiscating IDs, Gardner also monitored students before they took their photos, asking them to remove inappropriate articles of clothing.

   “I was told that I wouldn’t be allowed in [the photo room] unless I took my [prescription] glasses off,” senior Rania
Rubaie said.

   The administration plans to be more clear to the students, especially the seniors, about the rules for photos, so that there is no confusion in
the future.

   “It’s not the silliness that we care about, it’s the fact that this is the official photo and the photo I see all the time,” Gardner said.

   While the individual photos will be regulated in the future, students will be able to show off their crazy outfits during the
class photos.

   “You guys can be as silly and as lively as you want [in the group photo]. It’s a showing of camaraderie [and] togetherness,” Gardner said.