Secrets to College Essay Success

By Christian Hwang


Our society puts an emphasis on education more than it has ever before in the past, and college, being the very top of education, is what everyone’s eyes are on. A lot of students can relate to the stress of college affairs. Pinewood school understands these issues by providing college counselors and help for many students’ applications. However, Pinewood has started to implement unique ways to improve on one of the most important bits of your application: The Essay.

   Marvin Coote, college counselor, taught a 40 hour college “boot camp” class the week before school officially started, in which he aimed to teach students what the college officers are looking for specifically in application essays. When asked what he taught in these classes, it became clear that this was no ordinary writing class. “We spent a lot of time looking at what kinds of prompts college essays ask, and how to most effectively dissect and answer each one.” 

   However, the most valuable part of this experience is getting feedback from a wide variety of college counselors, who have had experience in the field of applications. A private college counselor can sometimes cost much more than a college tuition, so getting their feedback can be worth thousands of dollars. Quinn Bates, a student who attended these classes, stated that his favorite experience was talking to these various counselors. Bates also told that talking to counselors “increased his confidence” in his essays, which could significantly improve the quality of his essays. 

   If you can’t attend these classes or if you are worried about college essays, both Marvin Coote and Quinn Bates have the same piece of advice: Start early. College essays really give a reflection about who you are, and building a good reflection of yourself can take a lot of time and self research beforehand. If you have not already started writing your college essays, why not start practicing now? Give yourself that real edge in making yourself look most presentable for your dream college.