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Schreiber Is Back At It


Staff Writer

  In the second semester of the 2017-2018 school year, literature teacher Mr. Schreiber temporarily left his job at Pinewood after a cancer diagnosis. For roughly the last year, the Pinewood community has eagerly anticipated his return to the school.

  After a number of  surgeries and a large amount of time dedicated to recovery, he has returned to teaching. Schreiber is now enjoying his life in the Pinewood community once again.


Q: When and why did you leave Pinewood?

A: I started doing chemo and radiation in January and February, and I needed time to recover before going into the surgery, an ileostomy, to get part of my colon removed. I left Pinewood around May of 2018. They took part of my colon out, leaving the remaining part open to rest.

  Then four months later, I had another follow-up surgery in September to close that remaining part up. Unfortunately, if you have that surgery, you have to have time to recover both before and after, so that’s why I was gone so long. I also had a couple of other operations that ended around November, so that’s why I didn’t teach first semester of this year.

  Fortunately for me, I was supposed to do another round of chemo over the summer, which would’ve delayed the surgery for my colon closing, but then the doctors looked at my statistics. They decided I was well enough to skip it!

  I have been teaching part time since, because I’m still building up my energy and working on my digestion, but it’s great to be back as much as I am able to be.

Q: What was one thing you missed about Pinewood while away?

A: I missed the energy and the zest for life that all the students bring! The teenagers here at Pinewood are fun, energetic, and hopeful about the world, so it’s so great to be a part of getting them ready to spread their wings into the real world.


  It’s also great to be with my colleagues again––they’re very smart and have great senses of humor. It’s just nice being around the Pinewood community again.

It is so wonderful to have Schreiber back, and we continue to send him good vibes and best wishes as he continues to grow stronger and healthier everyday.