Resolution Revolution


Staff Writer


  After what appeared to be an eternity, 2018 has finally come to an end, and 2019 has begun. With this in mind, being students, it is likely that a percentage of the student body will be incorporating new habits into their regular routine.

  Senior Kolton Budge, well known around campus for his athleticism and academic achievements, gave some insight into his aspirations  for the coming semester.

  “Being a second semester senior, academics are not as important as they usually are,” Budge said. “I just have to keep up my grades to a certain degree to go to college, but that’s about the extent of my resolutions.”

  It can be assumed that most second semester seniors will follow in Budge’s footsteps and not take academics overly seriously in comparison with earlier years. Since the most intense part of high school is over, it is likely and natural that, once the new year begins, these seniors will do the opposite of most students and set a resolution to relax when it comes to academics after a laborious college application process. This is unlike the norm of most Pinewood students, who typically take the new year as an opportunity to crack down on their study habits.

  One of these students is eighth grader Adam Fallick, known for his self confidence and incredible singing voice. Fallick, who, unlike Budge, has a long way to go until graduation, has some different goals in mind for the new year.

  “This year I want to focus on studying really hard for my exams and just overall try to work harder,” Fallick said.

  At Pinewood, academics are taken seriously throughout all of middle and high school.

  But, based off of people’s New Year’s resolutions, it would seem that once a student is a second semester senior, things start to wind down a little bit. Issues begin resolving themselves when it comes to college, one can sit back, relax, and just enjoy their time left in high school. Budge closed out his list of resolutions by thinking more about future goals in the long-term.

  “Besides school, I just want to try and be the best person I can be,” Budge said. “Just try and make people happy, you know?”