After many years of fundraising, Pinewood has finally built the new addition to its Middle Campus. The original campus was first built in 1959 when Pinewood was founded by the Riches family. The lot next to it was used to build additions on and with the help of an architect, all of the teachers and administration designed the facility with modern functionality in mind. It took 18 months to design and build the establishment, only starting construction last summer, but the students and faculty toured the new extension on Feb. 24 and were happily surprised at the wealth of new amenities it offered.

The new site includes bigger classrooms, an expanded driveway, a new turf, and TVs in every room.

“I am most excited for the multi-purpose room. It includes a miniature indoor basketball court where my friends and I can play,” fifth grader Ashley Rowe said.
   They also added a large basement underneath the campus for storage which Pinewood has never done in the past. Since there is not an official office for the school at the moment, modular buildings will be added as a temporary office. It was built to resemble the Lower Campus using modern appeal and the same color scheme. The staff is very eager to incorporate the addition into their routines as soon as possible.

Pinewood is also making an effort to make the new campus ecologically green. They are installing solar panels to reduce their electrical usage and water saving features in the bathrooms.

“This is phase one of the new Middle Campus,” President Scott Riches said.

They plan on tearing down the original house where the school was founded in the next six months. They are right on course to be done by the start of the next school year.

There will be an open house of the new classrooms for any Pinewood family who is interested on March 14 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.