Recent Field Trips




    Within the past month of October, there have been three major field trips taken by the art department, AP Physics, and Marine Biology.

“The field trips show the various art profession options and styles,” said Caitlin Miller.

“The field trips provides good ways for the students to see physics outside the classroom,” agreed Yong-Chan Kim.

    Lead by Miller, the art field trip that occurred on Oct. 12, was open to any art student between eighth and twelfth grade. The goal of the trip was to provide the art students with an opportunity to make art projects, such as 3 different methods of glass sculpting, that are not possible to construct at Pinewood  The fabrication studio provided them with a unique experiences, such as hot glass molding.

    “Art is more than just paintings and drawings,”Miller said.

    “In today’s world, almost everything is done using a machine. It was an awesome experience to create beautiful art using my hands, not machines,” Senior Mihika Badjate commented.

    On Oct.1, the Marine Biology class visited Elkhorn Slough.  Led by biology teacher Monica Ventrice, the students learned about seals and otters’ behavior, such as how they spend their days in the slough because it’s safe from predators, and they can hunt for food in bay at night. Ventrice purposefully chose Elkhorn Slough due to the high biodiversity present there, so the students could learn about Slough’s ecology and the variety of organisms and interactions. Senior Nika Kozlov enjoyed watching and comparing the difference between the noise level made by different sea lions. Another senior Theo Shapiro, enjoyed watching an otter crack open its food with a rock.

    “I remember a sea lion swimming right next to us and popping its head out to investigate us,” Kozlov recalled.

    “Being immersed in the material is often more engaging than learning in a classroom environment,” said Ventrice.

    The third field trip on Oct. 16, was the AP Physics. Organized by Yong-Chan Kim, they visited iFly. A thrilling experience, they achieved a better understanding of Newton’s laws of force, which is the topic currently being covered in class.

    “It’s too dangerous to actually go skydiving, and we don’t have a wind tunnel at school,” Kim said.

     The purpose field trips is to provide experience and opportunity to the students outside the classroom, and these three field trips have successfully provided both to the attendants of the trips.