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Rainy Day DIYs


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It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon. You’ve done your homework; all your friends are busy, and you’re bored. Put away that cell phone and do something creative! Try making crayon art, an activity jar or a homemade bath bomb for a rainy day DIY project.

 If you are in a visual creativity state of mind, try making some really cool crayon art for instant room decor gratification. You need a blank canvas, a pack of crayons, and a hairdryer. Glue the crayons onto the canvas. Next, set the hairdryer to be hot and blow it on the crayons until they melt down to your desired length.

  If getting others inspired is more your thing, try making an activities jar. This is perfect for figuring out what to do. All you need is a mason jar, slips of paper, and a pencil. Come up what a few ideas of activities you can do on rainy days or when you are bored and write them on the slips and place them in the jar. When the time comes, you can simply take a slip out and have a fun activity for the day.

 Perhaps you are more driven by aromas and sensations, or just have an interest in science. Then homemade bath bombs are the perfect DIY for you. You will need baking soda, epsom salt, corn starch, citric acid, coconut oil, water, essential oil, food coloring, and a silicone mold. First, mix eight oz of baking soda, four oz of epsom salt, corn starch, and citric acid in a large bowl. If you like glitter, feel free to add a touch in to make it sparkle. Next, mix two-and-a-half tablespoons of coconut oil, one tablespoon of water, two teaspoons of any essential oil, and four to six drops of food coloring and slowly add it to the dry mixture. Afterwards, quickly put the mixture in the silicone mold and press firmly. You are now ready to drop it in the tub for a relaxing bath.

  So don’t just snap your friends or scroll through Instagram. Try using your creativity and doing something different on a rainy day with one of these DIY ideas.

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