Quick Costumes



   The spookiest time of year has crept up on us, and with it, comes the once a year opportunity to be someone else. Halloween is the one time that you can dress up as anything, so it must be taken advantage of.  There’s no need to worry if you are drawing a blank for ideas; here are some easy, fun, last minute ideas you can put together the day before.

   From shows like “The Walking Dead” to movies like creepy action thriller “World War Z,” to games such as “Plants Vs. Zombies,” zombies are definitely riding along the wave of popular characters. All that is necessary for a costume is a pair of scissors and a tube of fake blood. Take some clothes that you no longer wear and cut the fabric in different places. Adding lurid makeup and fake blood will bring the costume to the next level. If being a traditional zombie doesn’t sound very exciting to you, take a risk and “zombify” last years Halloween costume!

   Memes, humorous images accompanied with words, have definitely been taking the Internet by storm. Leap onto the bandwagon and go all out as an iconic meme. Put a fun twist on the stereotypical black cat costume by going as the one and only Grumpy Cat. Just wear shades of white and brown, throw on some cat ears, and draw on some whiskers. Don’t forget the most important part: drawing on the frowny face.

   Next up, the legendary Waldo can suddenly be found, and in fact, it’s you! Just grab a red and white striped shirt, a matching beanie, and an old pair of 3D movie glasses.

   2014 has been the year for amazing movie adaptations, and what better way to show your support than to dress up as the main characters? To be Tris from the ever so famous “Divergent” trilogy, wear a plain black tank top, black pants, and a leather jacket. Throw your hair up into a ponytail, and draw raven tattoos on your left collarbone. To get your friends involved, dress up as people from all five factions.

    The highly anticipated “The Maze Runner” film came out in September, with a talented cast to portray the characters from James Dashnes’s best seller. You can become the hero of the story, Thomas, by wearing a blue T shirt and jeans. Add some brown leather wrist guards and a chest protector, easily recreated with brown cloth.

   Of course, a conversation about movies would not be complete without “The Fault in Our Stars.” To transform into the beautiful and courageous Hazel Grace Lancaster, the most crucial part of the costume would be the shirt. From the Internet, print out the “Ce n’est pas une pipe” picture onto transfer paper, and iron it onto a blue shirt.

   Unquestionably, Halloween is a time to spend time with friends, so participating in a group costume is a no brainer. A fun, simple group costume idea could be dressing up as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. There is no limit to how many people can do this costume; simply wear all green and make eye masks of different colors for each person.

   Last but not least is a childhood favorite: Buzz Lightyear and Woody. Have one friend dress up as a cowboy, being sure to wear a hat just like Woody’s. For Buzz Lightyear, decorate a white shirt with the fancy gadgets he possesses. A purple beanie and white pants will finish off the costume nicely.

   So for this coming Oct. 31, remember to bring it home with your wacky, original, last minute costumes; and above all, have fun and be safe!