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Quentin Tarantino to Film Final Movie at Pinewood


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Violence, intrigue, detail, philosophy. These aspects, along with many others, come together to form the films of Quentin Tarantino. With his incredible legacy of phenomenal movies, Tarantino comes to Pinewood to cast his final release. 

   Tarantino, a man of great intrigue, shocks with every new movie he puts out. Despite the multitude of ideas that occupy Tarantino’s mind, he pledged many years ago that he will only release 10 films. He puts in endless amounts of work on each cinematic masterpiece, but strongly believes that the right time to end is after 10 movies. From “Django Unchained” to “Pulp Fiction,” every detail leaves a legacy. Though he recently premiered “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood,” Tarantino, at 56 years old, believes it is time to announce the development of his final work, “Rellefe’s Rock.”

   Though Tarantino has released very little information on this work, a brief summary is available. “Rellefe’s Rock” is about a young boy, Rellefe, who lives as a squatter under the penthouse suite of a Wall Street stockbroker. 

   Rellefe reshapes his life using the information he overhears from his upstairs neighbor, but, as is expected with Tarantino’s cinematic character, one shall see if this reshaping will be for the better or for the worse. Many speculate that “Rellefe’s Rock” will be filmed in a similar fashion to “Pulp Fiction,” with many intertwining storylines and perspectives, as well as an abundance of detail and absurd violence.

But the biggest question raised about this film is: who is in it? It is rumoured that Uma Thurman will be joining as well as Samuel L. Jackson, and two incredibly talented Pinewood seniors. 

Senior Miles Redman, cast as the unnamed Wall Street stockbroker, comes to find his first success in cinema through Tarantino himself.

“I was really excited to play someone who, on the outside, appears to be living the American dream and is a champion of industry, but, on the inside, struggles with the ethical consequences of his actions,” Redman said. 

Senior Aaron Movshovich brings his lively character to the screen through his portrayal of Rellefe. In his formal interview with the BBC, he was adamant on keeping the plot and the details of his character a secret.

“I am honored to be able to work with a genius of Tarantino’s caliber and cinematic pioneers Thurman, Jackson, and many others,” Movshovich said.

Personally speaking, I am ecstatic to see what Tarantino will create and how Redman and Movshovich will capture this new stride in cinema. “Rellefe’s Rock” can be rearranged to spell “Rockefeller’s,” possibly offering insight into the movie’s meaning, one of which could be commentating on the cruelties of Wall Street and industry as a whole. “Rellefe’s Rock” will premiere in the Cannes Film Festival in May 2024.