PWR-ing UP to Compete



You may remember how the Pinewood robotics team, PWRUP, was disqualified from the CalGames tournament. Since then, the group has been hard at work preparing for the rest of the robotics season, and especially their upcoming competition.

According to robotics club president, senior Kevin Duan, the team is nearing the end of their construction phase. This means that the team is mainly putting the finishing touches on their robot and doing test drives.

“We are going to get started on strategizing for the games that we are going to be in,” said Duan.

The formerly mentioned games are the San Francisco Regionals 2017. For the competition, participants must build a robot that weighs up to 120 pounds that will perform tasks like shooting balls into goals, balancing on a beam, or hanging an inner tube on a rack.

In this case, the team’s robot, named Ashlar, will be competing in a game called First Steamworks. The game is based around a steampunk theme and consists of three parts.

First, the robot must build steam pressure by scoring goals into boilers. Next, it must collect rotors to give to the pilot of the team’s airship, which will be used in a race around the arena. Finally, the robot must aid the pilot during the race.

They will compete against other teams from California, as well as teams from Arizona, Hawaii, and Istanbul. The competition will be held from Mar. 16-19 at St. Ignatius College Preparatory.

The competition consists of practice matches, three rounds of qualification matches, a final round, and an awards ceremony.

The teams are eligible to win awards in categories such as creativity, engineering, entrepreneurship, industrial design, and innovation, among others.

“Everyone should be there,” Duan said.