Prom’s Outdated: Changing the Old-Fashioned Prom Date Expectations

By Alexandra Roesch


  Prom season is fast approaching, bringing the annual flurry of last-minute dress searching, suit hemming, and other pre-dance preparations. Along with those preparations come prom askings, raising the question of whether or not this system is outdated.

  Guys have many expectations put on them that are, for the most part, old fashioned. Girls expect their dates to pay attention to all the details in regards to their prom night. Before they start planning an elaborate evening, they need to plan the perfect promposal, which can add a lot of pressure. Nowadays, most asks are posted online so they have the weight of the opinion of the internet on their shoulders. Guys are also expected to know exactly what to buy and what to do. They are in charge of buying a corsage for their date and paying for transportation, such as a limo. Additionally, they are expected to take their date out to dinner before the big night and even purchase their date’s ticket, which can all add up to be very expensive. They also need to be a perfect “gentleman” throughout the evening — pulling out chairs, holding doors, and helping their date out of the car are just a few things guys are expected to remember to do all night long.

  These prom expectations for guys are both old-fashioned and unrealistic. Nowadays, more girls are stepping up and breaking the gender norms by coming up with extravagant promposals for their dates. Our generation is turning things around, but even so, we aren’t doing quite enough. Most girls still expect a guy to ask and plan the prom night, but it should be treated as a team effort instead of an individual task.