In Depth

Poll Arising




   The Panther Prints conducted a survey of the high school. We randomly selected five students from each grade and sent them an anonymous survey about the extracurriculars they do. Then, we compiled the data into a chart and observed the responses

   Generally, older students did more extracurriculars. Freshmen did an average of 2.2, sophomores did an average of 3.4, and juniors did an average of 4.0. However, seniors only did an average of 3.6. We suspect that some seniors felt less motivated to participate during their college searches.

   Older students branched out more. 80 percent of freshmen and sophomores listed sports as their favorite activity. Juniors and seniors, however, engaged in more unique extracurriculars, like part-time jobs or philanthropic activities. More upperclassmen likely want to explore their interests, and more organizations offer opportunities to older students. However, over half of all respondents said that sports were their
favorite activity.

   We asked people about their opinions of their extracurriculars. Everyone but one sophomore felt that the activities they did were meaningful.

   Many students also wanted to do more extracurriculars but felt constrained by homework and time. 80 percent of freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, and 60 percent of seniors wanted to do more extracurriculars. Just 10 percent of all respondents definitively said they wouldn’t do
more extracurriculars.

   While we can’t necessarily apply these results to the all of Pinewood, they do provide insight into the general opinions of the high school.

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