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Recently, the weather has been unanticipatedly cold, and is not just a regular winter. California has been feeling the effects of the breaking apart of the northern polar vortex – a fast-flowing stream of air that circles the North Pole in the stratosphere. A polar vortex is an upper-level, low-pressure area lying near one of the Earth’s poles. Polar vortexes hold frigid air, and due to global warming and the effects it has had on the Arctic, the northern vortex has broken and is sending these winds and storms towards the United States.

There have been multiple bizarre occurrences due to this polar vortex already, such as snow in Las Vegas and even snow in Hawaii.

In California, the only area that typically receives snow is Lake Tahoe, and only at a certain high altitude in the Sierra Nevadas. But even in the Bay Area, the snow is heavily visible from the nearby Santa Cruz mountains.

California is experiencing a colder, wetter winter than it has in the past few years, and it is expected to last into March. The Pinewood community was quick to notice this weather through the developments of frost nearly every morning, covering the blades of turf all across campus.

As students have been bundling up, the response to this weather has been mixed. Some members of the community are excited by this change, openly welcoming the low temperatures and consistent rain.

“The cold weather has been bringing on a lot of rain, and I like rain,” senior Quincy Linder said.

The snow in California and all around the U.S. is also tempting the student body with ski trips, road trips, and other adventures into the new winter snow.

“Well I’m not all too happy about the cold weather in California, but it’s nowhere near as cold as it is in Connecticut,” sophomore Alexandra Roesch said while on a family trip to Connecticut, diving right into the East Coast snow.

One might think that the drastic lowering in temperature implies positive progress towards the end of global warming. But in reality, these intense snowstorms and winds coming from the split polar vortex are signifying the warming up of the North Pole as the temperature becomes so irregular that this area of cold currents break apart.

The Pinewood community should continue participating in environmentally conscious lifestyles, as has been promoted for many years. But to deal with this cold weather now, stay safe and bundle up Pinewood!