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Pinewood’s Next Top Remodel



  Pinewood’s turf has been getting in
people’s shoes and sticking to their pants for years now, but it is time for a change. Upper Campus will be getting a much-needed upgrade over the next year, thanks
to Pinewood’s “Capital Campaign.”

   Pinewood President Scott Riches said that the renovations will include an updated turf field and a revamped student quad area.

   This quad will “provide much-needed additional space for student, parent, and alumni events,” according to the “Capital Campaign” pamphlet. Riches hopes that the quad will also be a gathering space for students to relax
and collaborate.

     The plan is part of a multi-campus renovation project.

  “We have been planning the Middle Campus expansion project for a couple years now, but as we began to think about the plan, we wanted to come up with one that would involve the whole K-12 community,” Riches said. “We wanted to come up with something for Upper Campus that we thought would get parents and students excited. The field is beginning to show wear and tear and it usually has about a 10 year life
span, and we are basically at year 10.”

    The fundraising goal to remodel all three campuses is $14 million, and the school has already reached $8.5 million. Of that, $1.25 million will be used to renovate the field and quad at Upper Campus. Currently, Pinewood is still researching and working with a landscape architect to figure out what materials will be best.

   “The timing of it really depends on our fundraising efforts; we would love to break ground as early as this summer and we are on schedule for that, assuming we can raise the needed funds,” Riches said.

   If the fundraising stays on track, the students on campus could be able to enjoy the additions to the campus as early as next year. If not, Pinewood would do begin renovating no later than the following summer.

   To raise the money for this project,
Pinewood has been reaching out to families who are excited by the project.

   “We publicly announced the campaign at the Jamboree, but have been in quiet discussion with families. There has been enough excitement that they wanted to contribute to the campaign before we publicly kicked it off. Now that we have publicly kicked off the campaign, we will be more active in talking to the families and parents,” Riches said.