Pinewood’s Next Top Remodel

By Oscar Barnes


Photo By Ahnika Mangalick

 Coinciding with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, or WASC, accreditation process, Pinewood has begun the lengthy process of investigating options for renovating the Pinewood School Upper Campus.

 After completing major renovations of the Lower and Middle Campuses in 2008 and 2016 respectively, Pinewood is working with CAW Architects, who also did renovations for Pinewood’s Middle Campus, to create a facility master plan for the upper campus.

 Currently, Pinewood is in the process of making renovation proposals to the Palo Alto Unified School District, the district that leases the Upper Campus to Pinewood. According to estimates from Principal Gabriel Lemmon and president Scott Riches, the process could take up to two years, 

   “Any plans that we eventually come up with have to be approved by the Palo Alto Unified School District because they actually own the property here, and so because it’s their property, we have to go through this process [of] coming up with different variations of proposals or ideas,” Lemmon said.

   Because renovation discussions are in the early stages, drafts of proposals and ideas have yet to be conceived. According to Riches, the architects have spent time on the campus for the past one to two months, analyzing the buildings and monitoring traffic and parking.

   “We’ve sent out a survey to the teachers [to get their input about the renovations] that we’re getting ready to wrap up, so [CAW can] evaluate the data from teachers. [CAW] still has three to four months of preliminary work,” Riches said.