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Pinewood’s New “Re-Coote”

Photo taken by Samantha King



To high school students, life beyond high school can be a terrifying as well as exciting thought. This year Pinewood has recruited a new faculty member to help the students make important decisions related to college admission.
Though new Pinewood college counselor Marvin Coote expected to work in law, he ended up always working with children, leading to an accumulation of experience in understanding how students’ minds work.
Additionally, he learned how to help students see past roadblocks, therefore also helping them look at different options. Additionally, Coote aims to help the students find the college meant for them: a college where they will feel comfortable and strive. Coote works to help Pinewood students find happiness during and after their college experience.
During Coote’s last job, he worked in a four-story building, so he did not get that much experience with his favorite part of his job: interaction with students themselves. This lead him in part to gain fascination with Pinewood when he first visited.
“When I came to Pinewood the first time, I needed help getting to the office, so I asked some nearby kids. In most other schools, the kids would have just pointed in the direction, but these kids walked me all the way to the office. All they had to do was point,” Coote said.
Coote loves interacting with the students, as well as the lively environment of Pinewood School. Coote claims that he is almost never in his “real” office in the college counselor room. Instead, Coote can often be seen in the conference room or walking around campus.
Coote’s main recommendations to the students are to gain independence and make good decisions. Additionally, he also wants the students to know that he is always there and ready to help them. Coote aims to get the students prepared for their future lives as independent and self-reliable adults.
“When you get to college, you shouldn’t be calling your parents to ask what to eat for breakfast, what you should put on. You should feel really comfortable about taking that leap of faith of getting out of the house and being an independent person,” Coote said.