Pinewood Transport Changes Gears To Biking



  More and more Pinewood students and faculty are reaping the benefits of riding their bikes to school, forming a growing bike-riding culture at Pinewood. Teachers and students alike praise the health benefits of this form of transportation and enjoy the perks of saving money on gas and helping the environment.

   “I love riding bikes; I do it whenever  can; it’s my favorite form of exercise,” math teacher Christine Normoyle said.

   Those who ride their bikes to school often do so as exercise in an attempt to stay healthy and fit.
   “It’s a way to get my exercise into my busy schedule,” Normoyle said.

   In addition to adult faculty members, students have begun riding for the cardio workout.
  “Now [that] my soccer practice is only three days a week, so I started riding to stay fit,” eighth grader Bob Hahn said.

   Students who are either too young to drive or don’t have a driver’s license often ride their bikes because it is a more convenient way to get to school.
“Back in freshman year, it was my dad’s idea for me to start riding my bike to school because he didn’t want to have to drive me up here every day,” senior Evan Escher said.

For teachers who have a substantial amount of books and other materials to bring to and from school, having the proper equipment is essential.

   “Once you’re equipped then it’s not a problem,” chemistry teacher Sabra Abraham said, “The big thing is to have the right equipment, because otherwise it’s just too frustrating.”

   Even though most people began riding for the exercise, the environmental benefits of saving gas are not lost on these students and teachers.
   “It’s a three-for-one; I get exercise; it’s better for the environment; and I save money,” Abraham said.

   While Abraham has been riding for most of her adult life, many students have begun riding their bikes to school just this year, as this biking culture becomes more prevalent at Pinewood.