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   Across the Pinewood campuses, students and faculty members have been sporting brightly colored woven bracelets, known as pulseras, on their wrists, ankles, and backpacks. These bracelets are products of the Nicaraguan based Pulsera Project, which the Pinewood
Upper Campus Spanish department chose to support this year. The Pulsera Project is a non-profit organization that provides more sustainable homes to Nicaraguan youth through the sales of these bracelets.

   Spanish teacher Olivia Bradley led the Pinewood branch of the Pulsera Project this year. Her goal was to educate her students about Nicaraguan culture through this project as well as to support the cause.

   Pinewood sold a total of 491 pulseras out of the 600 given by the organization and raised $2550 for the project, according to Bradley. Pulseras were sold during lunchtime and also at the Pinewood Jamboree.

  “The sales have truly been amazing. We sold 100 bracelets on the very first day and everyone has been very supportive,” Bradley said.

   Most students were excited to come out during lunch and see the brightly colored bracelets that were available for purchase.

  “I loved looking at all the different types of pulseras and seeing how each one was designed. I bought a pulsera and wear it every day,”
sophomore Amelia Schmarzo said.

   The variety in colors and patterns made it hard for students to choose just one bracelet; most had to buy two or three.

  “I bought two pulseras because they are for a good cause, and I thought my friends would enjoy getting them as presents,” junior Jackie Gerson said.

  The unique feature of the pulsera is that it comes with a tag of the artist name and his or her picture. This adds to each bracelet a distinct story and identity. In addition, students are able to make connections with the artists by learning about their culture and life.

  “The Pulsera Project is an authentic experience for students,” Bradley said.