In June 2018, Pinewood students will have the opportunity of a lifetime: a trip to China with their peers. Students will have the opportunity to visit cities like Beijing and Shanghai and tour famous Chinese monuments like the Great Wall and the terracotta warriors.

“It seems like an interesting place to go. I’ve never been there,” freshman Aaron Movshovich said.

Students going on the China trip won’t just be visiting the Great Wall and makng memories with friends. They will also be visiting  Zhangjiajie, home to the massive sandstone columns which inspired the mountains in the movie “Avatar”. History teacher Jenn Bates is the head of the trip. Director of technology William Bates, history teacher Jaime Fields, and activities director Jackee Bruno will also be chaperones. However, the trip was not originally suggested by the faculty.

“Actually, a parent suggested it. They helped us come up with an itinerary and where to go. It was their suggestion to add the Avatar mountains,” Jenn Bates said.

Sign-ups are due by March, and while the trip costs a hefty 3,850 dollars, it is an incredibly promising adventure for the students who go.

“As a history teacher, I’m hoping [students] get a lot of the relevance of seeing everywhere we’ve studied. Also, culturally, it’s so different. I’d like them to get an experience that’s different for them,” Bates said.

Hopes are high for the new trip, and students and faculty interested in going are feeling excited about various aspects of the trip.

“I really want to see and walk the Great Wall,” Bates said.

“I would like to see as much of China as possible,” Movshovich said.

The trip to China is open to students currently in seventh grade all the way up to current juniors, and it looks to be an exciting experience coming up in the summer of 2018.