Pinewood Slang: Second Edition

Dip (v.) – to leave.

“If there’s no one at the party, let’s dip.”

Chill (v.) – tone it down, calm down; be quiet.


B: “Dude. Chill.”

Gucci (adj.) – good. Shortened: gucc.

A: *bumps into B* “Oh sorry!”

B: “You’re gucc.”

Heated (adj.) – angry.

“I’m so heated that Parks and
Recreation ended.”

Huh (interjection) – a sigh-like sound, but longer and louder; used to show disgust.

A: “I heard they held hands.”

B: “Huh.”

Lit (adj.) – cool, fun.

“The sleepover is gonna be so lit!”

Lowkey (adj.) – kind of, to a small extent.

“I lowkey like him but I don’t know if he likes me back…”

Rn (adv.) – short for “right now”.

“I’m busy rn; I have basketball practice.”

Rough (adj.) – difficult, troublesome.

“The in-class essay was so rough.”

Sik (adj.) – cool, nice.

“Sik I get eight hours of sleep tonight!”

Waxy (adj.) – rude, in a bad mood.

“He’s been so waxy all morning, probably because he got into a fight with his girlfriend.”

Wet (adj.) – cool, great.

“That three-pointer was so wet dude!”

V (adv., adj.) – short for very.

“You look v pretty today.”