Pinewood Slang: First Edition

Boiz (suffix) – comes from the word “boys”;
emphasizes the stem word. Ex. confusedboiz, sadboiz, sikboiz.

A: “Your joke isn’t funny.”

B: “Sadboiz…”

Blessed (adj.) – when you are so happy you literally feel like the world is giving you its blessings.

“My mom brought me In-N-Out. Blessed.”

Rekt (v.) – when you get humiliated or insulted in a big way.

A: “That picture is so ugly.”

B: “Your FACE is so ugly.”

C: “Oooooo you just got rekt!”

Chill (v.) – tone it down, calm down; be quiet.


B: “Dude. Chill.”

“Do it, you won’t” (phrase) – a triple-dog dare.

A: “I wanna ditch class today.”

B: “Do it, you won’t!”

Down (adj.) – equivalent of saying yes, specifically to a plan or an invitation.

A: “Wanna get Tpumps later?”

B: “Down.”

Goals (n.) – used to describe an ideal situation.

“He brought me chocolate! Like, best friend goals.”

Highkey (adj.) – very, really.

“I highkey am not prepared for this test.”

No (interjection) – disapproval for a bad joke.

A: “What did sushi A say to sushi B?”

B: “What?”

A: “‘Wassup, B?’ like, ‘wasabi’!”

B: “No.”

Salty (adj.) – bitter.

A: “Okay like not everyone got a 100 so can you stop?”

B: “Jeez, why are you so salty today?”

Same (interjection) – no clear definition; can be used in any situation.

*chair falls down*


1738 (n.) – the number you should choose anytime you have the chance to or point out anytime you see it.

Teacher: “Go to page 17.”

Student: “38!”