Pinewood plays first-ever gaming spirit competition


   Pinewood high schoolers smashed, raced, and spiked their way through Pinewood’s first video game spirit event. Every grade had something new and exciting to bring to the table.

   During the spirit week, games that could be played or simply watched for amusement were “FIFA”, “Mario Kart”, and “Super Smash Bros.” Gaming consoles, brought in by the Associated Student Body, were set up in various classrooms for students to play on and for the audience to enjoy.
   Freshmen Hannah Riches and Drew Hill were the undefeated champions of Wii Tennis during the spirit competitions. Among their victims were senior duo Andrew Capin and Oscar Fick.

     “It gave me a chance to contribute to earning the freshmen spirit points, and that made me feel good,” Riches said. The seniors didn’t take the game nearly as lightly.

“It was a soul crushing experience; it brings tears to my eyes. If we hadn’t won that football game afterwards, I don’t know what we would have done,” Fick said.

   FIFA is a virtual soccer game whose fast paced style and high intensity brought the largest crowds of all of the games. Seniors Ryan Brice and Travis Jones swept the competition with runaway wins in every match they played.

   Mario Kart is a racing game that includes all the classic Mario characters, such as Mario, Luigi and Yoshi. Sophomores Gaby Krohn, Tommy Roberts, and Matthew Peery swept the competition in this game.

   Super Smash Bros, which has similar characters to Mario Kart, puts players face to face against each other in a fight to the death. Senior  Austin Liang won every one of his matches in a 3-match sweep.

  People who are rarely seen participating in spirit activities such as powder puff, ultimate frisbee, or dodgeball had the chance to show off their skills in this new style of spirit competition.

   “Most of the spirit competitions are for athletes, so doing these events that involve video games really appeals to a different demographic,” freshman student council representative Maia Peterson said.

    “I don’t normally do the athletic spirit competitions because I’m not, well, the most athletic person,” Hill said, but she was undefeated in the gaming competition nevertheless.