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Pinewood Phobias



   What is your biggest fear? Spiders, heights, small spaces, public speaking, death, flying? Fears are the most natural tendencies for humans to have, and there are an infinite number of things to be afraid of. Aside from the most common fears, however, some in the Pinewood community suffer from weirder phobias that may seem out of the norm.

       “When I was little, I climbed on top of a stack of
four by four haybales, and when I got
to the top, I stood in the middle and fell down. I was very traumatized
because of being stuck down there for a while,”
sophomore Michael Bodine said. Ever since that childhood experience, Bodine has felt a great
aversion to bales of hay.

   Even some faculty members have out of the ordinary fears.

   “Foods, like condiments, mayonnaise, ranch dressing, and anything that has vinegar in it- those are my biggest fears,” biology teacher Monica Ventrice said.

   Ventrice has always been afraid of
different foods and condiments, with no rationale or explanation for how the fear arose. It does not impact Ventrice as much as it does her
husband, as she tends to keep all the foods and condiments she can’t handle out of her household,
much to his dismay.

   “I’m afraid of birds because when I was five, my mother let me watch the movie “The Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock, and all these birds were killing people and pecking their eyes out, so I was really freaked out about that,” junior
Morgan Goldstein said.

Goldstein has felt very uncomfortable around birds, especially
seagulls, ever since watching that traumatizing movie. When there are birds near him,
Goldstein admits that he sometimes jumps up
in shock.

   Sophomore Lauren Corfield’s tremendous fear of being walked in while using public bathrooms is another somewhat weird phobia. Corfield has carried this fear ever since someone accidently opened the door to a Starbucks bathroom while Corfield was inside.

   “Sometimes if I’m out in public, and I really have to go, I’ll go see what the bathroom looks like, but I’ll still hold it in until I get home, no matter what,”
Corfield said. She mentions that she has learned to cope with pain better because of her odd fear.