Next year Pinewood must say goodbye to two of its long-time teachers.

   Despite teaching at Pinewood for seven years, math teacher Jude Loeffler is leaving due to the pressures of commuting from Pacifica. While he has had a few interviews so far, Loeffler is still unsure as to where he plans on teaching
next year.

   “I’m not worried about it, something will come up. It always does,” Loeffler said.

   English teacher Rob Morrill plans to take a year off from teaching in order to pursue his desire to be a fiction writer. Both Morrill’s bachelor’s and master’s degrees were in English literature with an emphasis in creative writing.

   “Since high school, I knew I wanted to be a high school
English teacher, but I also had that desire to be a
fiction writer,” Morrill said. “I just haven’t pursued it much to this point.”

   Now, with the support of his wife, Morrill has the opportunity to take a swing at the novel he has thought about  for quite some time. Looking forward, Morrill expects to be teaching after next year but is still unsure at this point. He plans to take it one year at a time.

   In addition, English teacher and English department chair Hannah Jones has opted to teach part-time next year. Due to enrollment, Pinewood no longer needed her to work as a full-time teacher.

   In addition to teaching next year, Jones plans on finishing her novel which has been in the works for some time and hopefully begin publishing it. She also plans on pursuing a “regular creative writing practice.”

   In addition to her first novel, Jones wants to write and publish personal essays in addition to
long works.

   “I think a lot of times first novels aren’t the best, so I want to keep practicing and getting better,” Jones said. “That is the great thing about teaching at Pinewood — I get to do one of the things that I really love, but I also have the time to pursue my own art.”

   The final teacher that will take on a part-time role is chemistry teacher Sabra Abraham.

   “I just want to have more free time for exciting adventures with my husband and family,” Abraham said.