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Pinewood COOKIE CLUB crumbles to pieces



Cookies have always been an integral element of American culture. Most everybody loves them, including Pinewood students, so the Cookie of the Month Club was born. In this club, student council representatives were to bake cookies and offer members to taste them for a $5 monthly fee. But if these sweet treats are so adored, why did the club fail?

Athletics director Jackee Bruno, from whom the idea originated, attributes its failure to a dearth in the  cookie supply.

“The student council members that were supposed to bring in the cookies dropped the ball and the event never took off,” Bruno said.

Perhaps the council’s reluctance to provide cookies is in high correlation with a low demand. One reason for the lack of consumer enthusiasm is the scarcity of time, a trait common to most students.

“I didn’t really have the time to be eating cookies every month during lunch,” eighth grader Katherine Han said.

“There should be more to the club, like learning something meaningful, having an educational conversation… or the club could be a place where you can have pleasant conversation with your friends,” eighth grader Nicole Pavlik said.

However, Bruno has assured us of the club’s intermittence.

“It’s pretty much on the back burner now, I may try again next year,” he said.