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Physics Waterpark in the Field | STEM at Pinewood


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Instead of walking to class, you can now slide. One major change is set to soon take place at Pinewood: the waterpark being constructed on the field will be open to all students after spring break, where physics and chemistry students can study hydrodynamics and the interactions of liquids and solids.

“We decided to build a waterpark on the field to help students with any stress or anxiety that they may be feeling, as well as supplement our physics department,” Principal Gabriel Lemmon said.

The waterpark will reportedly cover the entire field and consist of water slides, drop towers, and water coasters. There will be water tunnels and chutes in each classroom through which students can exit and enter the waterpark. To gain entry, students must log in to an application on their school-assigned iPads and authenticate their identities. 

The science department is revising its curriculum to allow students to study force, gravity, momentum, and tension through analyzing the pulleys, levers, and structures that make up the waterpark, according to science department chair Kim Hudson.

Lemmon noted that this project has been in the works since he arrived.

“When I told them I had the idea for a private waterpark for Pinewood students, we all thought it would become a landmark of Upper Campus. After we brainstormed, all of the pieces came together and the construction began,” Lemmon said. 

Potential safety hazards, such as being thrown from the slide in tussles with peers to more easily access the Snack Shack’s hot chocolate booth, or falling to the ground and breaking bones, have been considered. Parents must waive their rights to sue the institution for students to use the service.

Lemmon encourages students to visit the water park from time to time and bring a change of dry clothes if they have a class after their visit.