Junior Alexis Tanase has recently introduced a new club to Pinewood called the Pinewood Animal Wellness Squad. Its main goal is to support and promote the wellness of animals in our community. To get a deeper knowledge of this new found club, I interviewed her to get her take on it.

AW: Can you give me a basic description of this club?

AT: So pretty much, P.A.W.S. is a club dedicated to the wellness of animals in the Bay Area and our community. What we want to do is to foster people’s love of animals as well as with helping them in a voluntary manner.


AW: What prompted you to start this club?

AT: Well, I’ve always loved animals, and had them in my life, so they hold a special place in my heart. Many other people have this connection as well, so I thought I could start a club based around that and create opportunities for students to volunteer.

AW: What are your goals in this club?

AT: I would like to make this club large enough to where we can eventually help a shelter in an all day activity. My biggest dream for this club is to host an adoption event at Pinewood or somewhere supported by Pinewood and the P.A.W.S. club where people in Los Altos and Palo Alto can come and adopt pets! This a quite lofty goal, so in the meantime we plan to do many other fun and impactful activities and events for the animal community.


AW: What’s your schedule?

A: We are planning to meet every other Friday in Room 12 at lunch.


AT: Why would people want to be a member of your club?

A: I think what makes it unique is that there isn’t any other club like this one: it is so dedicated to animals and only animals.


AW: What do you expect from the members?

AT: I expect them to love animals, want to help animals, and have a good attitude about it, but most of all, be excited!