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Panthers of the Month



   The months are changing, the leaves are falling, and the temperature is dropping faster than the popularity of the Whip, but one thing remains the same: Seniors Mehra and Tehmi den Braven are ridiculously good at volleyball. Leading the varsity volleyball team to a 6-1 record in the month of October, the den Braven sisters are definitely two players you’d be glad were on your side of the net. While Mehra’s signature spike (dubbed the “Mehra Smash” by enthusiastic students) never fails to get fans on their feet, it is her and Tehmi’s determination and charisma that has caused them to rise as leaders of the team.

   “Mehra and Tehmi are two of the most hard-working athletes I’ve ever met,” junior Alia Rubaie said. “Mehra is so humble about her incredible skills and constantly pushes the rest of the team to reach their full potential, and Tehmi is always there to help our team improve… It’s inspiring to be on a team with them.”

   Mehra and Tehmi will lead the varsity team to Kings Academy on Tuesday, Nov. 3 as the Panthers take on the Knights. Expect more of the same from this dynamic duo then, as they hope to triumph over a team they have already beaten
once this year.

   As veterans prove their worth on the court, a younger talent has emerged on the field. Sophomore quarterback Jaeden Bailey has shown that, while there is no substitute for experience, rookies can have a little fun too. During his first season in the position, Bailey has proved he’s more than up to the challenge, throwing for 980 yards and 17 touchdowns in 6 games, and helping the football team achieve a 4-2 start.    

   Throughout these games, Bailey has shown a knowledge and aptitude for the game that goes far beyond his level of experience. His poise and quiet leadership have impressed players and coaches alike.

   “[Bailey has] been awesome,” senior Dominick Twombly said. “He shows confidence, both throwing the ball and running it… He’s a valuable asset.”

   Bailey’s rookie season is not over yet, as the team still has a game at Anzar on Friday, Oct. 30, as well as the rivalry game against Priory on Friday, Nov. 6. If he keeps up his incredible run during his first year as a varsity quarterback, Panther fans should expect to see lots of scoring in both of these games.

   On the tennis court, another rising star is leading the tennis team to victory. Sophomore Julia Owens, in her second year on the varsity girls team, has already earned the praise and respect of her teammates. Owens and junior Haley Mathews are the anchors of the team, alternating between numbers one and two in singles. Although the team, with a current record 6-10, has struggled at times this season, Owens has become a key player in keeping the team competitive. Her attitude has made an impact even for some of the upperclassmen on the team.

   “Julia brings… spice,” senior Laine Corfield said. “She just brings a really competitive feeling to the team, which is nice.”

   Owens and the girls tennis team prepare for a match against Castilleja on Thursday, Oct. 29. Looking to lock down a win, this young star is sure to leave it all on the court for her team.

   A new addition to the cross country team has been making waves this season as well, although this athlete has a bit more experience. Senior Sarah Rosenthal, in her first year at Pinewood, has drawn attention as one of the best new runners on the team.
   Cross country suffered a big hit when alumnus Nicole Colonna, now at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, graduated last year. but Rosenthal has helped make up for that deficit. Raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Rosenthal moved to the Bay Area this summer, and has instantly become a leader
on the team.

   “On the team, Sarah is always friendly. I would definitely say she is a leader,” junior Nikhil Pimpalkhare said.