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Owens Your Merk! Get Set! Colonna!



   As the fall sports season comes to a close, the talk around campus has now moved to athletes or teams that qualified for CCS. Making CCS is a big deal, because there are only a few spots available, so only the best athletes make it. From Pinewood, freshman Julia Owens, sophomore Helena Merk and senior Nicole Colonna both qualified in their selected sports to participate in CCS.

   Freshman tennis player Owens made her CCS debut representing Pinewood girl’s varsity tennis. Owens dominated her first match, and played well against a tough opponent who was one of the top college recruits this year. Overall, she finished fourth out of
sixteen players.

   “My goals during the tournament were to do my best and see how far I could go,” Owens said. Her coach, Craig Corfield, is very proud of her results in CCS and in league. Overall, Owens was 11-1 in league. She still sees room for improvement, and is looking to next season improve her performance after the semi-finals
in CCS.

   “She is a great to have as a member, and brings some young energy to the team,” Corfield said. He is excited to coach her for the next three years, and is looking forward to next year.

   Just getting started with their CCS journey are senior Nicole Colonna and sophomore Helena Merk. Both Colonna and Merk not only placed high in the CCS final (Colonna won and Merk placed 4th), but, in doing so, qualified for state. This is Colonna’s third time qualifying for CCS and state both. This year, she is looking to repeat the success she has had in past years as she faces some of her rivals from
Crystal Springs.

   “My training has really been building up to this moment, so hopefully it all pays off,” Colonna said.

   Merk is also looking forward to the postseason run. This is the first time she has qualified for State, and she is excited, but also prepared.

   “It should be fun, but it’s going to be a whole new level of competition,” Merk said.