Recent stormy weather in California could not have come soon enough. The seemingly endless drought is inching closer to its end due to the massive amounts of rain and snow in the Golden State. Meteorologists say that with a few more months of heavy rain, the severity of the drought will significantly decrease.

The heavy winds and rains have not caused severe damage to the Pinewood campus. Pinewood has been affected in some minor ways.

Because Pinewood has very limited indoor space, the non-stop stormy weather has been making it difficult for students to find enough space to eat.

“Without the field and the Cue Quad being available, the hallways and tables get very packed,” senior Amelia Schmarzo said.

Some of the sports teams have also been impacted.

“The rain and cold has affected many soccer players’ skill level and their ability to play,” freshman Catherine Blotter said.

The inopportune weather presented difficulties at Pinewood’s winter formal. Winds were much greater out on the water, and the temperature was colder than expected.

The limited indoor space was even more cramped because most found it too cold to go outside on the decks. However, the cool, breezy air provided a nice break every once in awhile from the crowded dance floor.

“I had no problem with the rain at formal, even when we were walking back to the buses; most of us were so hot from dancing,” Blotter said.

The stormy weather has affected the community around us as well. Flooding in and around Santa Barbara has created many problems. Major highways were closed and the rainfall rates topped one inch per hour. Literature teacher Hannah Jones and art teacher Jared Leake, residents of Santa Cruz, were unable to reach school when Highway 17 was shut down due to a fallen tree.

Heavy amounts of snow were constantly piling up in the Sierra Nevadas. Nearby residents have been ordered to stay inside during the storm to ensure safety.

While the storms have caused some inconvinieces for Pinewood and the surrounding community, the positives far outweigh the negatives. California has been in a severe drought for years, but this winter has given residents hope for a bright, and wetter, future.