Our Favorite Memories

“My fondest memory of the season has been when Jackee had Ryder practice hurdles on the wrong setting which Ryder didn’t learn until the race took place. Coach Riches’ reaction to the beauty of Ryder Heit, hurdle champ, was one for the books.”

– Keenan Peery, Track and Field


“We were playing Sardines, which is a game where we hide and others try to find us. Natasha Thompson, Max Lemmon, [coach]  Theresa, and I were hiding in the shed for forty-five minutes and no one found us. Natasha and I were hiding uncomfortably under the shelves, so we got a lot of splinters in the end.

– Laura Marsland, Swimming


“The most memorable part of the season would be the bus rides where we talked and socialized with each other. This brought us closer since we usually joked around with each other and shared stories, then when the meet came we were serious again.  After accomplishing what we came to do, we all ended up being happy at the end of the day.”

– Bambos Christoforou, Track and Field