COVID-19 In Depth

On the Bright Side of the Coronavirus

By Michael Shtrom


Image courtesy of Ms. Prestwood

Although the rapid spread of the Coronavirus has all Pinewood students sitting in their homes, unsure of what to do and when it will stop, it is important for students to retain a glimmer of hope through these difficult times. While it may seem nearly impossible to look on the bright side in such times as these, there are many beneficial elements of the current circumstances, such as that students are accomplishing new things with their free time and that spread of the virus is being curtailed.

   Chemistry teacher Sarah Prestwood believes that the shelter-in-place order that all Californians are under will improve the local economy.

   “Because global supply chains are being disrupted, a lot of people are looking to have their needs met more locally… It would be great if that was a habit that would stick even after the traditional supply chains are restored,” Prestwood said.

   There are also ways for students to benefit from staying at home, as many are putting their newfound free time to good use. For example, students are writing creative pieces, getting more exercise, and reading more.

   “It’s good for our learning and creativity in so many ways … we need time to go on walks and be outside and be by ourselves and sit quietly and have long conversations to encourage creative thought, and a lot of people are having that opportunity now. The coronavirus crisis has given [students] a topic to focus on and the time to focus on it,” Prestwood said.

   According to Prestwood, although it seems like a bleak time, there are many things that students should look forward to doing.

   “Getting enough sleep, learning to cook something, reading a book for fun, going on a walk, listening to a new podcast… ,” Prestwood said.

   Finally, it is important to note that these circumstances are not permanent and that, eventually, Pinewood will once again be the community that it has always been.