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  It’s award show season, events that have been broadcasted to the world since the birth of television to reward the best in the entertainment industry. But in recent years, there seem to be more and more complaints arising from the public about how award shows aren’t worth watching because of the many cliches and annoyances that happen during them. So what’s the damage with these shows?

  One thing many people complain about are the hosts. Usually, award shows seem to bring back the same hosts every year, making it very boring for the audience. For example, LL Cool Jay has hosted the “Grammys” four times, and Neil Patrick Harris has hosted the “Tonys” five times. Why do they do this? Well, perhaps they believe star power hosting will draw viewers. The only time that seemed to work was Tina Fey and Amy Poehler at the Golden Globes, bringing their hilarious personalities to the stage for three years. Other than that, stars hosting multiple times seems extremely tedious.

  Also, these award shows seem to go on forever. People complain about how long it takes to actually see awards given out in award shows, with all the performances and ads in between. Those performances either work or don’t, and the ads are needless. People don’t feel like watching because it’s difficult to liven up the show, if even at all. It is possible, as Ellen Degeneres proved hosting the Oscars last year, creating a party with the selfies and pizza. But that was an exception.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, these award shows seem to award
people that the public doesn’t think are good
choices. Especially with this year’s all-white nominees at the Oscars, and Beck receiving “Album of the Year” over Beyonce at this year’s Grammys, frustration has grown amongst viewers who question if it’s worth watching if the people they like aren’t
given the credit they deserve.

  It’s a shame to say it, but award shows just don’t seem to be worth watching
anymore. They’ve turned into boring, annoying, and frustrating shows rather than ones that make people interested in finding out who wins. If you really want to know who won, just look it up on the Internet. It will save you three hours of uninteresting
and irrelevant material.