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   Cole Takara’s sculpture has struck again! The award-winning 3D printed sculpture by freshman Cole Takara has once again been selected for a new recognition. Last year, Takara won a National Scholastic Art and Writing Gold Medal for his artwork. His sculpture represented a possible future of animal agriculture: bugs.

   This year, Takara’s art piece was chosen to be displayed in the Lyndon B. Johnson of Education Building in Washington D.C. Only 59 art pieces were chosen nationwide, and Takara’s piece was one of them.

   Takara and his art teacher Caitlin Miller were surprised, along with the rest of the Pinewood community.

   “I thought it was over; I mean, the contest ended last year,” Takara said.

   Miller had a similar reaction.

   “I didn’t even know that it was a possibility because he already won the gold medal,” Miller said.

   She believes the works of art that were selected were chosen from the pool of students who had already won a national award, since Takara’s piece was chosen without either of their knowledge. They only found out about it when they were
notified via email. Neither Miller nor Takara had actually entered his 3D sculpture into
another competition after the Scholastic Art and Writing event. According to the
official blog of the U.S. Department of Education, every year, new artwork is chosen to be displayed in the Education Building to represent a collaboration between The Alliance for Young Artists and Writers and the U.S. Department of Education.

  Takara appears to be quite excited about this honor.

“[It’s] definitely going on my resume,”
Takara said.

    As for Takara’s plans for the future, he says that, if possible, he hopes to continue using 3D printing software and innovative technology for his future artwork.