NFL Marred by Domestic Violence



   The National Football League season has kicked off, but it seems that some players still may not know the rules. Football has always been considered a physical sport, but unfortunately, some players have brought that physicality off the field and into their personal lives. Ray Rice, Baltimore Ravens runningback, was caught punching his then fiancé in an elevator and then dragged her out like a rag doll. San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman Ray Mcdonald was arrested for beating his
girlfriend, although, unlike the Rice case,  there is no video evidence to prove he is guilty. Finally, Minnesota Vikings runninback Adrian Peterson turned himself in to the Montgomery County Jail for recklessly abusing a child.

   Rice was caught on video punching
his wife, Janay Rice, in an elevator after an argument got physical. She came at him with her arms and immediately Rice knocked her out. Rice was originally suspended for two games by the NFL before the footage from inside the elevator was showed. Once the footage was revealed by TMZ, Rice was released by the Ravens and suspended indefinitely by the NFL. Rice will also attend therapy sessions for a year because
of his domestic violence. Despite the ordeal, Janay Rice has planned to stay with Ray Rice.

   During the previous offseason, Mcdonald was arrested for domestic abuse towards his girlfriend. Mcdonald has had previous issues with the law that include a DUI. In his case, however, there was no video of him committing the crime, so he has not been suspended by the NFL and he has not been convicted. Mcdonald had three tackles in the 49ers win over the
Dallas Cowboys.

   Peterson recently turned himself in to authorities for abusing his son. The report said he beat the child with a switch, leaving visible injuries on the child’s body. Peterson was inactivated by the Vikings for their recent game against the Patriots. The Vikings have chosen not to release him or suspend him for future games until the courts reach a decision for
his punishment.

   “I am not a perfect parent, but I am, without a doubt, not a child abuser,” Peterson said of his actions. He felt that the way he punished his child was not abuse, but felt that it was correct discipline similar to the way he was disciplined by his parents. Peterson’s court day has been postponed to Oct. 8 because his lawyer was out of the country this week, so for now, his fate will be decided solely by the
Vikings organization, who have already witheld him from three games.

   The NFL is a physical game on the field, but it seems that some players have to remember that the same actions off the field will not be tolerated by the law.