New Year, New World




As my family and I welcomed 2017 on New Year’s Day, I turned on my
iPhone and opened up my notifications. I was horrified. Somehow, even with the tragic events that went on in 2016 such as the Bastille Day Terrorist Attack in Nice, the Orlando Shooting, and the bombings in Brussels, peoples’ New Year’s resolutions still contained mostly self-oriented goals. Are we so immersed in our own lives that we do not see what is going on in the world? Although technology may make us seem like we are all “connected,” technology
sews disunity.

Americans have a flawed mindset.  All we do is complain. We are just going to be stuck complaining. The only way we can try to at least alleviate the problems involving America today is to work together. It is almost pathetic that we cannot even agree on what is hurting us as a country. A fire cannot emit light or heat without first producing a flame. A vehicle cannot get you places without you first putting in the key.
The key to finally start moving in the right direction and realizing our
aspirations is to first propagate positivity.     

I believe that the biggest problem in America is the polarization and of meaningful dialogue. Instead, people are submitting to dysfunctional discourse, yelling on social media about their unnecessary, apocalyptic fears. America will fall to pieces if such extreme dissatisfaction with the government
dictates how we as a country treat each other.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” I hate to be blunt, but if we yield to these social media pressures, the obstacles that each and every citizen wants to overcome will instead be actualized. Hate crimes towards Muslims, Mexicans, Blacks, and the LGBTQ+ communities in America have to stop. It is 2017 – we should be growing as a world. As it stands, the “United States” is a misnomer; we are the “Divided States”. America, get rid of Islamophobia, racial discrimination, and sexism. Let’s not judge our fellow citizens by the political party they affiliate themselves with. In the end, we are all just human. We are all distinct individuals who do not succumb to an explicit stereotype.
Let’s try to live up to our name, “United.”

What should we try to resolve in 2017? How about instead of trying to change the weight displayed on the scale, Americans try to change the weight of the word. My goal for 2017 is to be kinder and more open to others.
Throughout history, the most successful empires and civilizations thrived when there was religious tolerance and political unity. The United States is no exception; we can prosper if we
learn to work together instead of separately. It all starts with us. So dear America, for this new year, I ask for one thing: kindness to each other. Let’s stop this worthless war of words. I promise you – positivity sheds pounds, a better outlook leads to higher grades, and a healthier attitude will make a healthier

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