New Year, New Lost and Found



Students may have noticed a recent addition to Pinewood while searching for a lost water bottle or lunchbox. The start of the new semester has introduced a new and improved lost and found to Pinewood Upper Campus. Seventh grader Daniel Blotter is responsible for the remodel, which he completed for an Eagle Scout project.

“It has been my goal to become an Eagle Scout ever since I joined the Boy Scouts in Aug. 2015,” said Blotter. He has quickly advanced through the program and has reached one of the final requirements, the Eagle Scout project, in just two years.

Wanting to undertake a project that benefited his own school, Blotter approached the Pinewood administration, who concluded that the lost and found was in greatest need of improvement.

Included in the renovations were multiple shelves and clothing racks, built with the goal of better organization and cleanliness. The project involved weeks of planning and purchasing materials as well as building and painting the structure. In total, the project took ten weeks to complete.

   As well as the intention of completing his Eagle Scout project, Blotter shared some more goals he has for the lost and found.

“I hope that the new lost and found will be clean, organized, dry, spacious, and attractive, and that it will outlive me at Pinewood and will be there for a long time,” said Blotter.

Because of the efforts of Blotter, the lost and found has been transformed from a messy, broken shed into an organized system for lost items. The past lost and found was often sloppy, and students would have to search through piles of sweatshirts and shoes to retrieve their missing items, which could not always be located in the mess. Now, however, the additional shelves and clean design allow the lost and found to be much more efficient, which will be a great addition to the Pinewood community for many years to come.