New Year, New Juniors

Photo taken by Vivian Reed





  Pinewood is a lot of things to the people who are lucky enough to be here. It is a school, a home, and a safe haven. That being said, it can also be intimidating for those who are not accustomed to this environment. Of course, Pinewood students are an inclusive bunch, but it is always difficult adjusting to a new school atmosphere.

  Compared to larger schools, our environment is much smaller, which means that coming here can be something of a challenging experience for new students. However, it also results in incorporation into a friend group that they would like to join and ultimately improves their happiness.

  Junior Sameer Prakash recently transferred from Los Altos High, a school with a drastically different atmosphere than Pinewood.

  “The personalized approach [at Pinewood] allows you [to] get more attention. Now that I’m at a smaller school, I’m able to approach the teachers inside and outside of class, and the teacher will have my full attention,” Prakash said.

  Due to the fact that Pinewood students are accustomed to this kind of student-teacher relationship, this information may not at all seem new. However, this personalized learning approach is new to many.

Junior Peter Schusser recently transferred here from England. He explained how the form of teaching differs from what he is used to.

  “The teachers themselves are often very approachable,” Schusser said. “This has impacted my schooling a lot. This means that I will be able to get some extra help in things I didn’t understand.”

  Over the course of this year and the years to come, the Upper Campus community is excited to see all of the new students turn into Pinewoodians who bear the traits of WISCR with pride!