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New Places, New Perspectives



   When you were little, did you ever lie upside down on your bed or couch and see a whole new world? The upside down world looked so fascinatingly different, and you gained a whole new perspective of the room. This is what traveling does to someone. After experiencing a new perspective, we see the room differently. We see and live our lives differently.      

   Traveling not only broadens people’s perspectives but can also change someone for the better. It does not mean you have to travel exotically or out of the state; it could simply be walking out of your house to experience another perspective. Silicon Valley is a very affluent area, but there are also people suffering right here in our neighborhoods, and it is our job to try and help.

   Over the summer I was dancing for a month with City Ballet. Every early morning and evening, I had to walk alone through parts of the Tenderloin of San Francisco. There were many scary experiences in this situation, when I was walking by certain atmospheres and people. This experience was nerve-racking, but it made me grateful for living where I do and having the education to hopefully support myself when I grow older.

   Many students at Pinewood feel that traveling and seeing new atmospheres broadens their perspective on life and the things they are really grateful for. Sophomore Ethan Walsey traveled to Costa Rica for two weeks with his family.

   “When I went to Costa Rica, I saw very few houses that were even half the size of mine. I realized how grateful I am for living where I live and that the size of one’s house is only judged based off of the houses that are surrounding it and not on a global scale,” Walsey said.

   Sophomore Annika Mihara travelled to Greece, and experienced its vibrant culture.

   “When I traveled to Greece, I had an ideal picture in my mind of what it would be like, but when I got into the culture, I found a whole new and surprising perspective,” Mihara said.

   Like Mihara and Walsey explained, after experiencing new cultures, we gain respect for the way people live. This perspective often changes the way we see our own lives. For example, seeing sights you have never seen before and learning about people that live in third-world countries, or gaining respect for those who have less than us, brings us to realize that as students and teachers of Pinewood, we are very fortunate to call this place home.