New Juniors on Campus

By Aanya Sethi


Walking around campus during the beginning of the year, there are always plenty of new faces. Mostly, they’re new freshmen or new 7th graders, but this year, Pinewood has many new juniors. This year, the Pinewood community welcomes four new juniors. 

Maia Garcia transferred from Santa Clara High. She will be playing for the Pinewood girls basketball team. Later this year, Garcia plans to join the track team. So far, Garcia has enjoyed the closeness of the Pinewood community. 

“I like that everyone knows everyone…everyone is friends with each other,” Garcia said.

Like Garcia, Chance Bucher will also be joining the girls basketball team. She transferred from Sacred Heart. Though it’s a big adjustment, she is enjoying Pinewood. With plans to join the track team, Bucher looks forward to being a part of various Pinewood sports teams. 

As a transfer from Archbishop High School in San Francisco, Gabe Santos will also be playing basketball for Pinewood. Moreover, Santos enjoys his non-athletic commitments as well. Although he has fun in all his classes, Santos especially likes Mrs. Eickmier’s American Literature class. He enjoys the work and has fun with classmates. 

“I love [Pinewood]!” Santos said.  

Leo Boystov joined Pinewood hoping to join our numerous athletic teams. Currently, he plans on participating in the soccer and track teams. Along with his athletic commitments, Boystov has already joined Interact. Boystov moved here from Los Altos High School and is enjoying being a part of the Pinewood community. 

These four new students will fit in perfectly with the Pinewood community, and we hope they are as happy to be here as we are happy to have them. Welcome, all new juniors!